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Design Dobby

For Yarn Dyed And Dobby Woven Fabrics

With Design Dobby, Designers can concentrate on the finer aspects of their creations without getting into machine specific details like color values, codes and other technicalities.

Design Dobby offers a comprehensive and efficient user interface that allows users to specify, construct, visualize, and execute designs in real time. It can automatically insert weave structures at specific areas, add desirable warp and weft structures to your textile designs, and integrate colors as per your loom.



Design Dobby creates perfect, true-to-life simulation for all type of fabrics – yarn dyed Classic Fine Cotton, Large and Casual fabrics, Linen, Mélange, Fancy Yarn etc.

Accuracy of size and effect is handled to perfection for variable density dobby and extra warp effects. Weft cramming, empty dents and furnishing fabric can be simulated easily.


Design Dobby Features

Easy to use

Auto design

Easy to create

Over print

All types of yarn

screen authoring textronics

Weave Functionality

Defining draft,peg plan can be done numerically or directly drawing on a point paper. Simple to use cut,copy,paste,mirror tools etc. are supported.


Weave Book

Manages library of weaves and provide controls for creating complex weaves structures by combining weaves. Advanced auto weave generation facility provides for creation of different design effects within the same draft order while changing the lifting plan.

Weave Creator

Auto weave insertion facility available is for integration dobby effects directly onto a design in ornamentation or extra warp mode.

Automize Pattern Creator

Powerful features are designed to automatically create patterns based on your selected design, and parameters to auto generate an infinite number of design variations instantly.

This enables you to respond to customer requirements in no time enhancing bookings. The yarn percentages can be specified enabling Auto generation to be used for exhausting yarn dead stock. Controls such as size of design, stripe width range, percentage usage of yarns, pattern styles contribute to innumerable design generation.

Automize Pattern Creator
Yarn Development with Design Dobby

Yarn Development

Blow your customers away with the simulations that many of our customers are already selling from. The yarn generator allows you to develop and archive all types of yarns quickly, with complete size and color accuracy.


Yarn Creator

Control and define twist direction and frequency, slub and nub size and randomness, as well as yarn unevenness parameters. Design Dobby can also create space dyed, dyed, fancy, melange, slubs, loop, taspa, etc or combination of different fancy effects, novelty and even heathered yarns. Overall fabric finishing lets you brush and texture fabrics as well as simulate shaded yarns for “3D” yarn effects.

The developed yarns can be visualized in real time for evaluation and interactive changes. Also fabric effect of yarn developed can be simulated.

  • Supports all of the major yarn count systems, Nden, Ncc, Nmc, Ntex and Mm.
  • No practical limit on yarn count simulation: from 0.01 to 1000 Ncc.
  • Support for fancy yarns (mouline, melange, multico) with up to 5 color components.
  • Support for fancy effects (Slub, neps, taspa, loop, gradational, space dyed etc…) with up to 5 color components.
  • Scanning feature for creation of fancy yarns.
  • User can specify the parameters of the yarn (twists/meter, twist sense (S/Z), number, percentage and colors of components, the yarn model to be used).
  • Yarn costing data stored with the yarn file for use in fabric costing.
  • Custom yarn libraries are supported.

Simulation View

Textronics Design Dobby offers the best woven fabric simulation available in the market today. The simulation module brings the very complex process of Dobby weaving to life on a computer screen or printout.

Control functions such as reed, draw-in, and warp and weft sequences are taken into account in the simulation just as yarn properties, yarn material, and yarn colors are. Analyzing all these parameters that are automatically included in the design file from the editing process in the Dobby Main Module to the dynamic behavior and the paths of all thread systems is determined and then corrected according to their real appearance. The image file generated is then displayed and may then be printed out. Simulation differentiates between the front and back of the fabric.

Sumulation View in Design Dobby Textronics
design dobby page set up

Page Setup

Page layout for Design Dobby is a flexible tool that allows you to choose from the range of layouts, print styles, logos, backgrounds, mood boards, etc. and present a perfect pitch for your textile designs.

A new feature called the waterfall effect allows the users to create realistic swatch cards directly from the Design Dobby software.

Production Data

Design Dobby offers a full complement of printed weaving technical specifications. Many plants are using mechanical machinery and the operators of this equipment need precise information to set them up correctly. Many of our customers have already replaced most of the traditionally hand-generated paper work, with digitally calculated and generated printouts. This enhanced speed and efficiency allows Textronics users to dramatically increase the number of designs that can be processed for manufacturing, not to mention eliminating calculation mistakes.

The layout of the printed calculation Sheet can be configured by Textronics Ltd to closely match that of most existing production specification sheets. The calculation sheet can include fabric composition, weights required to make the piece, costing information and a even a picture of the fabric for reference purposes. The calculation Sheet can be printed or saved as an HTML file ready for attaching to e-mail.
design dobby Production Data
Design Dobby Database<br />

Design Dobby Database

Design Dobby offers computer aided designing and manufacturing tools that function with an effective search program using technical specifications, designs, patterns, etc to locate existing designs within a database; it even sorts creations as per seasons, customers, etc. Yarn and color information can also be optimized for production planning and control.


Auto Designing & Story / Mood board creation

In a yet another first, Textronics has fortified the Design Dobby to carry an exclusive Auto Designing feature that allows your system to work within user-defined fabric design parameters to automatically generate newer designs.

The Design Dobby provides

  • Story and Mood boards for creating an array of unique pattern
  • Barcode stripes, bold designs, Fil-a-fil, pattern-in-pattern designs
  • Fabric simulation with yarn effects
  • Fancy yarns – flannel effect, chenille yarn, slub yarn, linen
  • Creation of any color and production of an almost limitless pallet

Page Setup

Page layout for Design Dobby is a flexible tool that allows you to choose from the range of layouts, print styles, logos, backgrounds, mood boards, etc. and present a perfect pitch for your textile collection.

You can use the standard layouts or customize them as per needs. You can insert mood board images and position/print logos, design name, palette, count and construction parameters.

Hardware Requirement

Sr No Configuration Qty
1 INTEL core minimum I3 processor, OR I5 , I7 iS more preferable
4 gB RAM. OR 8 GB
500 Gb hard disk drive & 1 TB
101 keys multimedia Keyboard.
optical scroll mouse.
4 nos. USB Ports
2 22” TFT DIGITAL Color Monitor. 1
3 Printer: a4 size color printer epson stylus photo T60 or higher 1
4 Operating System: windows 8.1 or higher 1

Textronics Design Dobby Video

Design Creation

Design Dobby creation of design from scanned fabrics

Auto Design

Double Cloth & Seer Sucker effect


Miss dent effect

Pallete Creation

Page Setup

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