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Web Based A.I Textile Designing and Retail Solutions

Textronics is one of PT. Kawan Era Baru principals providing world class state-of-the-art web based A.I textile designing, CAD and CAM, facilitating businesses in the textile designing industry.

Textechno Textile Designing Sofwarre

Textile Designing Solutions

Design 3-D

Cad System For 3D Texture Mapping.

Design 3D this is a Desktop software which runs on a windows operating system.

Mapped images can be printed for internal evaluation and generating sales portfolios or slide presentations with 3D texture mapping.

3d textile designing software TEXTRONIC Indonesia

Design Dobby

Design Dobby for Design creation of yarn dyed dobby fabrics for furnishing.

With Design Dobby, Designers can concentrate on the finer aspects of their creations without getting into machine specific details like color values, codes and other technicalities.

Simple, intuitive User interface allows visualization of designs as it is created.

Design Jacquard

CAD/CAM For Jacquard Woven Fabrics.


  • Design Editing in Grid
  • Weave Creation
  • Weave Mapper
  • Simulation of Fabrics
  • Computer Aided Manufacturing
  • Float Finder

Design 3D Video

Design Dobby Video

Design Jacquard Video

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