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Food Processing Industry

Radio Frequency Dryer

Radio Frequency Drying Equipment for Food Processing Industry and Agricultural.

Enrichment of food quality, increase shelf life, equilibrate moisture, chemical free disinfestation, the best drying technology for food processing.

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Advantages of Radio Frequency Dryer in Food Processing Industry

  • Maintains the taste, colour and other external characteristics of the product while extracting moisture from within.
  • Even removal of moisture across the product profile and from within the product.
  • Killing of insects, larvae and eggs without using any chemicals and exposing the product surface to a minimal temperature rise.
  • Increase in shelf life by reduction in water activity within the product.

Applications and Usage

  • Grains and semolina
  • Animal feed
  • Rice & rice bran
  • Whole and ground spices
  • Grains (soya, maize, wheat,
  • Rice bran, lentil (dal)
  • Pharmaceutical tablets & powder (api)
  • Sugar

Strayfield Food Dryer

Working Principle

  • Radio Frequency Equipment works on the principle of Dielectric Heating.
  • Water molecules align themselves to the continuously oscillating electric filed at the rate of 27 Million times per second.
  • This causes internal heating of the water molecules present within the product thereby eliminating the need to heat the product externally.
Strayfield Food Dryer Moisture Level
Strayfield RH Drying Solution

Strayfield RH Drying Solution

Strayfield machines are designed to ensure product quality and operational efficiency. The machines are also made to be easy to clean and safer to operate.

Strayfield Industrial Drying System

  • Aroma, taste and flavour preserved
  • Maximum nutritional retention
  • No product cross contamination
  • Uniform profiled R.H. drying
  • Low temperatire dryng keeps its nutrition
  • Tailor made customized solutions
  • Energy efficient systems
  • Low total investment, short pay back period.

Technical Specification

RH-36 RH-72 RH-108 RH-216
Tray # 36 72 108 216
Power Supply 3 Ø, 410V 50Hz
Connected Load 7 kVA 14 kVA 20 kVA 40 kVA
Water Removal 8 Kgs/Hr 16 Kgs/Hr 24 Kgs/Hr 48 Kgs/Hr
Dimension (mm) 5000 x 4400 x 2200 5000 x 4400 x 2200 5000 x 4400 x 2200 5000 x 4400 x 2200

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