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Universal Yarn Tester for Filament Yarns

The DYNAFIL ME+ from Textechno is a dynamic yarn tester that accurately measures yarn properties like draw-force, shrinkage, and crimp on the running thread. By closely analyzing draw-force and shrinkage, which are strongly connected to molecular orientation, this advanced testing device provides valuable insights into the dye-uptake process in Polyester.

Universal Yarn Tester for Filament Yarns DYNAFIL ME+

High-Speed Yarn Testing

The tester is equipped with two separate godet rollers – optionally with nip rollers – with individual high-precision electronic drives for yarn speeds up to 1000 m/min. A non-contact heater (500 °C) with flap and driving mechanism for automatic threading into the heater channel facilitates threading and allows heater temperature above the melting point of the yarn.

The tester can measure

  • Draw-force of POY, FDY or FOY
  • Crimp-force or percent crimp of DTY
  • Shrinkage-force or percent shrinkage of all kinds of yarns

For testing crimp and shrinkage on texturized yarns, especially BCF, a third godet allows simultaneous measurement of crimp and residual shrinkage.

High-Speed Yarn Testing DYNAFIL ME+

Optionally the instrument can be combined with

  • Friction testing device
  • Broken filament counter
  • Entanglement (stability) measuring device
  • Capacitive evenness tester COVAFIL+
  • Linear-density tester COMCOUNT including sample collector
  • Automatic package-changers+ (20-positions) or SM (2-positions)

Application fields for DYNAFIL ME+

Universal Yarn Tester for Filament Yarns DYNAFIL ME+

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