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Wax Qualities for all Textile Yarn

To help distinguish among the various qualities, grease soluble dyes are added to the wax. However these identification dyes have no effect and do not appear in the finished product.

Slight variations in identification color hues have absolutely no effect on the quality of the wax. Penetration is the measurement of wax hardness. The penetration unit of measurement is the penetration depth of a test needle in 1/10 mm.

The applications mentioned and the technical suggestions regarding use are merely indicative and not binding. The best quality and product suitability must be determined by the user by his own appropriate tests, that are carried out under his responsibility.

Wax Qualities for all Textile Yarn
Wax Qualities For All Textile Machines And Textile Yarns

* These waxes are water soluble by adding emulsifying agents during finishing.

** These waxes are directly water soluble due to emulsifier contained in the wax.


Wax Qualites for Open End Rotorspinn Procces

AB Carter Ring Flange

* These waxes are water soluble by adding emulsifying agents during finishing.

Waxing Conditions In The Open-end Rotorspinn Process:

1) The waxing device applies the wax in minuscule particles on the yarn, obtaining an optimal friction coefficient with the lowest wax take-up.
2) The wax should not separate into layers nor should it spread onto the waxing device.
3) The wax must have a smooth surface without trapping any air.
4) The wax roll should be replaced when the thickness is about 5 mm.

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