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OmaTex producing handpicker for textile industry, such POLIVEL, the only picker which has no problems in driving the rotating spoke.

In fact it does not requires mains current, nor battery nor compressed air. The spoke is actioned by a light finger pressure on the lever under the hand-grip.

The POLIVEL is the idela device to clean every type of general machine and in particular for spinning frames and calendars. Its uses are many and varied, because it can be used equally for wool, cotton, synthetic mixtures in all work phases.

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Polivel Hand Picker

The POLIVEL is easily manoeuvrable and extremely practical. As it compact and light, it can be carried in the pocket of the person controlling the machine and employed at any time. The POLIVEL is not affected by use and is unbreakable as it is made completely of thermplastic material. Therefore maintenance is practically nil.

The POLIVEL is the ecomonical device “par excellence” as it is the solution at a very responsable selling price to all textile machines cleaning problems.

Now present in Indonesia by officially partnering with PT. Kawan Era Baru.



Other Products



Protected interchangeable blade knife for cutting off yarn tuft.

Omatex Antied Broom

Antied Broom

Wooden antied broom for industrial equipment.

Olirapid OmaTex

This equipment has been developed in order to changespindle oil with a maximum of speed and safety. The old oil is exhasted by means of an electrically driven full-action pump.

The new oil (or cleaning fluid) is injected by meams of a piston pump with automatic return and a graduated control of the quantity of oil to be used.

OLIRAPID is a universal system, applicable to all types of spindles on standard machine. With the charge of the small exhaust and injections rods, the same system is also used for all twisters, as well as 2-for-1 twisters.


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