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A.B. Carter, Inc.

A. B. Carter puts nearly 100 years of experience into the development and manufacture of products and solutions for the global spinning industry.

Our vertically integrated manufacturing process ensures that our products always provide the highest level of quality and consistency. Our products are backed by a worldwide team of industry experts located in 44 countries.

AB Carter Textile Parts and Accessories

Ring Travelers



When it comes to steel travelers for long and short staple spinning, the quality and consistency of the steel wire means everything – so that’s why we start there.

Our specialty wire, which is produced by Carter Wire Companyis drawn to size and annealed in our state-of-the-art furnaces.

The wire is then shaped and travelers are formed, heat treated and finished to exact specifications.

Our metallurgical lab staff conducts extensive testing on our travelers using the latest equipment, so you can trust that each and every A. B. Carter traveler is built to last and run fast.



With travelers suitable for spinning and twisting fine glass fiber used in a variety of industrial and electronic industry applications,A. B. Carter’s nylon travelers are produced to exacting specifications.

Our proprietary injection molding process provides travelers with the highest consistency and smoothest surface finish, which allows higher processing speeds and longer service life.

We work closely with our customers to develop travelers to meet the growing demands for their products.

Offered in a variety of styles, sizes and weights, material options include nylon or glass reinforced nylon (Carnulon lll) and metal insert travelers for abrasive yarn applications.

Rings Flange


A. B. Carter offers a wide range of ring styles, sizes and finishes for short and long staple ring spinning.

All rings are manufactured using the highest quality materials for unparalleled consistency and service life.

Vertical (HZ) steel, conical (J) and sintered metal ring lubrication systems are also available for spinning and twisting operations that require oil ring systems.

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